Thursday’s Top Employee Benefits Links

February 13, 2020by mycalchoice

Keeping you up to date with the latest employee benefits news and trends at home here in California and sometimes far beyond. Here is a roundup of this week’s top group health care news:

Uber Challenges Gig Worker health benefits

Gig Workers

9 New Employee Benefits in Trends in 2020

Employee Trends

Simplify Business in the New Decade

Steps to Simplify

OPM Recommends Paid Parental Leave Corrections

Paid Parental Leave Correctio

Extended Paid Leave for Danish New Fathers

8-Week Leave for New Fathers

1% Raise and Benefit Cuts for Federal Employees

Is It Fair?

Flexible Employee Benefits

Downward Dog. Tree. Bridge. Warrior. Lotus.

Shopping for group health insurance?

This guide compiles a list of common questions you may have before you start offering health insurance coverage.