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Making better choices is a big part of meeting today’s most pressing small business challenges. And choosing the right health care for your employees ranks among the most important decisions you will make. Kaiser Permanente can help you manage your costs, invest in your employees and their health, and build a healthier future.

Kaiser Permanente believes health care is not an industry – it’s a cause. The organization was founded on the fundamental idea that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life. That’s why they offer a program that combines high-quality care and coverage for a lifetime. Whether you operate from a single location or across California, Kaiser Permanente offers options that flex to meet your changing needs.

Quick Plan Highlights

Below are some of our most popular Kaiser Permanente health plans along with a snapshot of plan coverage and out-of-pocket costs. For a complete list of coverage options, click Download All Plans below to see the most current plan information.

These plans are effective beginning: 4/1/22

  • Bronze HMO C

    Calendar Year Deductible $7,000 / $14,000 (combined Med/Rx ded)(applies to Max OOP)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$7,000 / $14,000
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):100%
    Urgent Care:100%
    Emergency Room 100%
  • Silver HMO B

    Calendar Year Deductible .$1,650 / $3,300 (applies to Max OOP)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$8,200 / $16,400
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$55 Copay (ded waived)
    Urgent Care:100%
    Emergency Room 100%
  • Gold HMO B

    Calendar Year Deductible $250 / $500 (applies to Max OOP)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$7,800 / $15,600
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$35 Copay (ded waived)
    Urgent Care:$35 Copay (ded waived)
    Emergency Room $250 Copay
  • Platinum HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible None
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$3,000 / $6,000
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$10 Copay
    Urgent Care:$10 Copay
    Emergency Room $200 Copay

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