About Sharp Health Plan

Established in San Diego in 1992, Sharp Health Plan is the highest member-rated health plan in California. It’s been honored with the “Excellent” accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. NCQA Accreditation is the most comprehensive evaluation in the industry, and the only assessment that bases results on clinical performance and consumer experience. High-performing health plans choose NCQA Accreditation because it satisfies the demands of consumers, employers, and regulators.

Through CaliforniaChoice, Sharp Health Plan offers 12 HMO options – three in each of the Affordable Care Act’s four Metal Tiers – giving you and your employees the flexibility you need at a price you’ll like. As a member, you’ll receive award-winning care from nationally recognized doctors,
medical groups, and hospitals.

Quick Plan Highlights

Below are some of our most popular Sharp Health Plan health plans along with a snapshot of plan coverage and out-of-pocket costs. For a complete list of coverage options, click Download All Plans below to see the most current plan information.

These plans are effective beginning: 4/1/22

  • Bronze HMO B

    Calendar Year Deductible $6,200 / $12,400 (combined Med/Rx ded)(applies to Max OOP)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$6,900 / $13,800
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):60%
    Urgent Care:60%
    Emergency Room 60%
  • Silver HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible $2,300 / $4,600 (applies to Max OOP)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$8,500 / $17,000
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$40 Copay (ded waived)
    Urgent Care:$55 Copay (ded waived)
    Emergency Room $750 Copay
  • Gold HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible None
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$8,000 / $16,000
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$20 Copay
    Urgent Care:$50 Copay
    Emergency Room 70%
  • Platinum HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible None
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$3,600 / $7,200
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$15 Copay
    Urgent Care:$20 Copay
    Emergency Room $150 Copay

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