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Your employees are your greatest asset – and your greatest investment. Health insurance can help you retain and recruit employees as well as drive productivity and satisfaction. Offering the “right” health plan is one of the most important decisions you can make as a small business owner. That’s because keeping employees happy and healthy helps you and your business in the long term.

Different businesses have different needs – and UnitedHealthcare (UHC) offers a range of plans to suit your organization and your employees’ individual and family health needs. UHC plans can save you money and keep your employees informed, healthy, and happy. And, healthier employees mean a healthier bottom line for your business. View and compare plans by clicking below.

Quick Plan Highlights

Below are some of our most popular UnitedHealthcare health plans along with a snapshot of plan coverage and out-of-pocket costs. For a complete list of coverage options, click Download All Plans below to see the most current plan information.

These plans are effective beginning: 7/1/21

  • Bronze HMO B

    Calendar Year Deductible $6,900 / $13,800 (combined Med/Rx/Pediatric dental ded)(applies to Max OOP)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$6,900 / $13,800
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):100%
    Urgent Care:100%
    Emergency Room 100%
  • Silver HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible $2,250 / $4,500 (applies to Max OOP
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$8,150 / $16,300
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$55 Copay (ded waived)
    Urgent Care:$100 Copay (ded waived)
    Emergency Room 60%
  • Gold HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible $1,250 / $2,500 (applies to Max OOPM)
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$6,500 / $13,000
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$30 Copay (ded waived)
    Urgent Care:$75 Copay (ded waived)
    Emergency Room 70%
  • Platinum HMO A

    Calendar Year Deductible None
    Out-of-Pocket Max Ind/Fam:$3,500 / $7,000
    Dr. Office Visit (PCP):$20 Copay
    Urgent Care:$50 Copay
    Emergency Room 80%

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The CaliforniaChoice employee benefits program lets your employees select health plans (HMO, PPO, HSA, and more) from nine of California's top carriers while you determine how much your
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