Who We Are

We're CaliforniaChoice and we believe in simplified solutions and greater choices for small businesses and employees.

How We Got Started

Twenty years ago we introduced the first multi-carrier private exchange specifically for small business. Why? Business owners and HR Managers like you wanted to provide employees with more options, but without increasing costs – so that’s why we did it.

More than Medical

We also recognize the importance of a well-rounded employee benefits program. Beyond medical benefits we also offer dental, vision, chiro, life, payroll, HR services, and employee discounts. How you build your program is completely up to you - we're just here to help you along the way.

Small Business Testimonials

"When I started my business five years ago, I had two employees and a vision to grow. I wanted to provide coverage for my employees, but couldn't afford to offer them the level of plan I needed for myself. CaliforniaChoice provided me the perfect solution. My employees could choose the carrier and plan that fit their needs and I could pay a set amount.

Now with 10 full-time employees I'm able to control my costs while offering the many benefits that fit their individual needs."

Alyson Yarberry
Small Business Owner

"There are many choices when selecting the best-possible health insurance plan for our employees and giving only one plan to choose from does not typically meet the needs of the majority of the work population.

CaliforniaChoice is different and so much better! It's fantastic for employees who can choose the plan they want, but also for an employer because we can set a budget and decide up-front how much to contribute toward coverage. It's a win-win for all!"

Ivonne Roca
Executive VP, HR

We periodically survey employers for feedback on their experiences and preferences regarding our program, services, and customer experience. In our most recent survey, more than 97% of respondents said they would recommend or consider recommending CaliforniaChoice.

Milestones We're Proud Of

  • 1996

    Introduced the first, multi-carrier private exchange

  • 2002

    Won an Innovators Award from the Health Insurance Association of America!

  • 2004

    Launched an Online HSA Resource Center for our customers

  • 2008

    Introduced an HR Support Center for our small business clients

  • 2010

    Added an Employee Discount Program available at no additional cost

  • 2011

    Added an integrated payroll solution available to all small businesses

  • 2015

    Introduced an online enrollment system available to all new customers

  • 2016

    Celebrating our 20 year anniversary, and officially providing service to more than 300,000 employees and their families