Get the Support Your Business Needs During Open Enrollment

May 12, 2023by mycalchoice

Open enrollment happens each year and often brings an array of employer and employee questions along with it. That’s why CaliforniaChoice provides free tools and support to help guide the process and inform your health care decisions. It’s just one of the many ways our program puts the needs of our members first.

Open Enrollment Tools, Tech, and People to Support You

CaliforniaChoice can help your employees with their initial enrollment, Qualifying Life Event (QLE) changes, and re-enrollment.

  • Plan comparison tool: This online tool gives your employees the power to compare health plans based on plan premium, cost, benefit type, and quality.
  • Online Enrollment (OLE): OLE helps eliminate incomplete applications, reduces the number of pending items, and decreases your group’s processing time. Traditional paper-based enrollment is also available.
  • Enrollment meetings: We can facilitate your group’s enrollment online, or if you prefer, we’ll work with your broker for an in-person, onsite meeting with enrollers on hand to answer employees’ questions.
  • Online provider search: We make it easy for you and your employees to find health plans associated with a favorite doctor, look for a new doctor, or search hospital and network affiliations.
  • Online Rx search: Gives you the ability to quickly find out what prescription drugs are covered by each plan offered by our health plan partners.
  • QLE changes: If your employees have a qualifying event during the year (like marriage, birth or adoption of a child, eligibility change, or a move), making changes is simple. Go online at or employees complete a change form and submit it through HR.
  • Annual re-enrollments: Your broker will work with you to streamline your group’s renewal. Employees can easily switch health plans and/or benefits without leaving CaliforniaChoice. Plus, you can change your contribution to coverage, and lock in your cost for another 12 months.

More Support from a Broker

If you’re not already a CaliforniaChoice customer, you can begin shopping for your employees’ benefits by talking with your broker. Using a broker does not cost you anything. In fact, it could save you money because of their expertise on plans and networks in your area.

If you don’t already have a broker, you can search for one here.

Shopping for group health insurance?

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