New Benefits Added to CaliforniaChoice Health Insurance Program in 2018

November 15, 2017by mycalchoice

CaliforniaChoice has been delivering great employee benefits to small businesses in California since 1996, but the portfolio changes coming in 2018 mean you now have even more reasons to consider CaliforniaChoice for your employees.

The CaliforniaChoice multi-carrier employee-choice program offers greater access to doctors, specialists, and hospitals – with both full and limited networks, a range of HMO, PPO, and HSA-compatible plans, and a choice of one or two Affordable Care Act (ACA) metal tiers.


A Roster of Outstanding Carriers

CaliforniaChoice is the only place you and your employees can choose from seven leading health plans in one program: Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Health Plan, Sutter Health Plus, UnitedHealthcare, and Western Health Advantage.

For 2018, Anthem Blue Cross is updating some of its PPO options to provide richer benefits. Across all metal tiers, Anthem is offering three HMO plans, six PPO plans, and two Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans.

Health Net is adding three new plans and access to the Community Care Network. Health Net offers six HMO plans and three Health Care Service Plan (HSP) options.

Kaiser Permanente is offering both rate and benefit parity on all nine of its plans available through CaliforniaChoice. That means you will pay the same and enjoy the same Kaiser Permanente benefits through CaliforniaChoice as you would if you chose a direct plan.

Sharp Health Plan is a favorite in the San Diego area, and you can choose a dozen plan options across all metal tiers with CaliforniaChoice.

Sutter Health Plus continues to expand their Northern California network; coverage is being added in Santa Cruz County for 2018. A total of eight plans is available from CaliforniaChoice across the 15-county Sutter Health service area.

UnitedHealthcare continues to offer coverage in all four ACA metal tiers – with a dozen plans available through CaliforniaChoice.

Western Health Advantage, operating in nine Northern California counties, is adding the Canopy Health alliance of providers and hospitals for 2018, giving CaliforniaChoice members even more health care options.


Member Value Program

Beyond a wide variety of health plans, CaliforniaChoice is adding the Member Value Program to its no-cost Business Solutions Suite for 2018.

Through the Member Value Program, CaliforniaChoice members can save up to 40% on a variety of health and fitness products and services:


  • Fitness Trackers (activity trackers; heartrate monitors)
  • Fitness Gear (yoga, Pilates, BOSU, office fitness)
  • Mental Well-Being (books, videos, candles, massage oils, vitamins, meditation)
  • Health Interest (health monitoring, diabetes, kids’ fitness, oral care, pain management, sleep)
  • Healthy Eating (juicers, cookbooks, cookware, hydration, portion control)
  • Parent & Child (baby monitors, nursing, strollers, teething)


And, of course, the CaliforniaChoice Business Solutions Suite includes much more than the Member Value Program. It offers discounted Dental, Vision, and Hearing benefits, a free Premium Only Plan, a free Flexible Spending Account, COBRA billing, human resources support from HRAnswerLink, prescription drug discounts, Cal Perks travel and entertainment discounts, and more.


Great Tech Tools, Too

To make it even easier for you and your employees, CaliforniaChoice offers Smart Decision Technology to streamline your health plan selection and enrollment:


  • The Automated Choice Profiler (ACP) gives you the power to compare health plans – not just based on premium but on doctor availability, quality, affordability, and how you use your plan.
  • You can go paperless with Online Enrollment (OLE), which will help eliminate incomplete applications and decrease processing time. If you prefer a traditional paper-based enrollment, that’s available too – it’s completely your choice.
  • Our Online Provider search tool enables you and your employees to: find a health plan associated with your favorite doctor, look for a new doctor or specialist, or search hospital and network affiliations.
  • You and your employees can use our Online Rx Search tool to find out what prescriptions are covered by each of the plans you’re considering.


CaliforniaChoice is an easy answer to the question “What plan should I choose for my employees?”

To learn more about all of the advantages available to you, your company, and your employees from the CaliforniaChoice multi-carrier, employee-choice program, contact your broker. Or, if you don’t already have a broker, we can help you find one.


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