CaliforniaChoice Offers Dental Options That Will Make You Smile

May 10, 2022by Alex Strautman

There are many reasons to choose CaliforniaChoice for your small business. The program includes eight premier health plans and gives your employees the freedom to choose the one that’s right for them. You have the power to control your costs through Defined Contribution. Beyond that, CaliforniaChoice offers the greatest access to doctors, specialists, and hospitals in the state.

Did you know CaliforniaChoice isn’t just an ideal health care solution for your business? It also provides access to other benefits, like Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, and Life Insurance.

Group Dental Coverage

With CaliforniaChoice, you can choose from a discounted Dental service program, two Dental HMOs, and four Dental PPOs. Dentegra® Smile Club is included at no additional cost. It’s one of the many value-added benefits in the CaliforniaChoice Member Value Suite.

Members can also take advantage of reduced fees on hundreds of dental procedures. Plus, they can access a network with thousands of participating dentists in California.

Perhaps best of all, there are no claim forms or other paperwork. There are no waiting periods. Your employees can enjoy immediate savings after joining the program.

Two low-cost SmileSaverSM plans are available: Dental 3000 HMO and Dental 1000 HMO. These plans offer free office visits, oral exams, X-rays, and two cleanings per year. Oral surgery, restorative, endodontics, periodontics, crowns, and prosthodontics are available with co-pays. Orthodontics is available, too.

Either plan can be added as a voluntary option with no minimum employee participation. Members are required to live in the participating dentist’s service area. You can view the SmileSaver Online Provider Directory through a link at or by visiting the MetLife website.

Four Ameritas® PPO plans are available: PPO 3000, PPO 3500, PPO 4000, and PPPO 5000. A range of different in- and out-of-network annual maximums and deductibles is available.

All four Dental PPO plans include core services. That includes Preventive, Basic, Major, and Endo/Perio benefits. Different benefit levels apply for in- and out-of-network services.

A Waiting Period applies to Major Services for groups of 10 or fewer employees. It also applies to those without 12 months of uninterrupted Dental coverage under a prior plan. A 24-month Waiting Period applies for Orthodontia under the Ameritas PPO 3500, 4000, and 5000 plans. (Ortho is not part of PPO 3000.)

Besides outstanding Dental benefits, PPO 3500, PPO 4000, and PPO 5000 enrollees get access to Dental Rewards® by Ameritas. Members who visit a dentist and use only a portion of their annual maximum benefit in a year are rewarded with additional benefits the following year.

Ameritas PPO coverage is also available as Voluntary, with the full premium paid by employees. For complete plan information, view the Ameritas PDF summary at

Dental Health Benefits Matter to Employees

A comprehensive employee benefits package can help you set your business apart. That’s especially important in today’s competitive talent market. To learn more about your options from CaliforniaChoice, talk with your broker. If you don’t already have a broker, we can help you search for one.

Contrary to what you might expect, using a broker won’t cost you more. It could save you and your business money. That’s because a broker will help you find coverage your employees will appreciate, while helping you stay within your budget.

Shopping for group health insurance?

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