Give Your Employees More Health Care Choices

May 10, 2020by Alex Strautman

CaliforniaChoice just expanded the health care choices available to you and your employees. Our new Triple Tier includes Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Here’s how it works:

Triple Tier is the most popular option for CaliforniaChoice groups because it delivers something for everyone.

  • Provides employees with the most plan choices and price points to satisfy their needs.
  • Employees can buy up or down, allowing an employer to keep costs low without limiting choice to employees.
  • Encourages increased participation by employees by offering a lower-cost option for employees wanting to enroll their dependents.
  • Offers more at renewal! Triple Tier is a great way to offer new options to employees without disrupting current plan availability for your group.
  • There’s no cost to offer Triple Tier, and there’s no participation requirement for any Tier.
  • Offers more PPO and EPO options if you have employees residing out-of-state.

Best of all, offering Triple Tier does not cost you more. That’s because you decide what you want to spend on employees’ health care with Defined Contribution. Your contribution is the same for each employee regardless of how many ACA metal tiers are offered, or what tier and plan each employee chooses.

How ACA Metal Tiers Work

Under the Affordable Care Act, there are four metal tiers. Each offers a different level of cost sharing between the health plan/insurer and the covered employee (or dependents).

ACA Metal Tier Health Plan/Insurance Pays Insured Pays
Bronze 60% 40%
Silver 70% 30%
Gold 80% 20%
Platinum 90% 10%

For employees who want to minimize their monthly premium, or those who may not need a lot of medical care, a Bronze or Silver metal tier Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan may make sense. CaliforniaChoice offers HMO plans through four statewide and four regional health plans: Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Oscar Health, Sharp Health Plan, Sutter Health Plus, UnitedHealthcare, and Western Health Advantage.

For an employee who wants access to a broader network of doctors and specialists, an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan may offer a good balance between affordability and provider access. CaliforniaChoice offers EPO plans in all four ACA tiers: one in the Bronze tier and two in the Silver tier from Anthem Blue Cross as well as 11 plans in all four metal tiers from Oscar Health. Currently, Oscar is available regionally in California.

Across all tiers, carriers, and health plans, CaliforniaChoice offers 10 PPO, 14 EPO, and nearly 70 HMO options statewide. With CaliforniaChoice, employees can choose what they want – and you still control your annual costs.

Talk to a Broker to Learn More

Contact your employee benefits broker to learn more about the expanded Triple Tier options from CaliforniaChoice – and all of your insurance choices. If you do not have a broker, search for one here.

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