From Quote to Enrollment: CaliforniaChoice Gets You Started with Employee Benefits

May 19, 2024by Alex Strautman

Looking for group health insurance for your team? CaliforniaChoice offers affordable employee benefits and the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of your employees. If you have up to 100 employees, CaliforniaChoice might be the perfect fit for you, because it offers:

  • Eight health plans in a single program: Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna + Oscar, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Health Plan, Sutter Health Plus, UnitedHealthcare, and Western Health Advantage.
  • A variety of coverage options: Give employees access to coverage in one, two, three, or all four Affordable Care Act (ACA) metal tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).
  • HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, and HSAs: Employees can select a plan that matches their individual or family health care needs and budget.
  • Cost control for your business: Controlling costs is easy with Defined Contribution because you choose how much you want to contribute to your employees’ premiums. Select a Fixed Percentage (50% to 100%) of a specific plan and/or benefit. Or you can contribute a Fixed Dollar Amount for each employee. (All employees must receive the same contribution.)
  • Greater access to doctors, specialists, and hospitals: CaliforniaChoice includes full and limited networks. Plus, with eight different participating health plans, you have more access to medical professionals than with any other program in California.
  • Options for other benefits: Dental, Vision, Chiropractic & Acupuncture, and Life and AD&D benefits can easily be added to any CaliforniaChoice plan.
Getting Started Is Easy

CaliforniaChoice coverage is exclusively available through our network of licensed California brokers. So, you benefit from your broker’s expertise when comparing plans and provider networks. But, your broker is not your only source of information and support. From the moment you request a quote, continuing through enrollment, and beyond into post-sale support and future renewals, our team is here to guide and support you and your employees every step of the way.

  • Quoting: To get a quote for your group, the first step is completing an employee census. A census will ask for information about your:
    • type of business
    • proposed effective date
    • current carrier (if any)
    • number of employees to be insured
    • employee names and SSNs
    • employees’ home ZIP Codes
    • gender of each enrollee
    • date of birth/age
    • hire date
    • benefits eligibility date
    • employment status (full- or part-time)
    • tobacco status
    • annual salary
    • job title
    • COBRA participants (and COBRA start and end dates)
    • selected coverage (HMO, PPO, etc.)
  • Enrollment: You and your broker will discuss the ACA metal tier (or tiers) that you want to make available to employees. You will also set your planned contribution toward employees’ coverage. Again, you can choose a Fixed Percentage or a Fixed Dollar Amount. Your employees will then apply your contribution to the plans they prefer. If employees’ coverage costs more than you’re contributing, the employees will pay the difference.
  • Search Tools: The CaliforniaChoice online search tools give you and your employees the ability to search for plans that include preferred doctors, new doctors or specialists, hospital and network affiliations, and ensure coverage for needed prescriptions.
  • Paper or Electronic Sign-Up: You and your broker can discuss the best way to handle your group’s enrollment. Some prefer a group meeting using paper enrollment, while others choose online enrollment for convenience. An online enrollment can help you eliminate incomplete applications, reduce the number of pending items, and decrease your processing time. If you choose an in-person meeting, your broker may partner with enrollment specialists, especially if yours is a multilingual enrollment.
  • Post-Sale: CHOICE Administrators is committed to providing support when you want to make changes due to a Life Event, a move, or other reasons. You can reach our Customer Service team by email or phone, whatever is most convenient for you. You can also make updates to your account online at
  • Renewal: At renewal, you and your employees can change your coverage or move to a different plan – without leaving CaliforniaChoice. You can also change your premium contribution if your company’s financial picture has changed. It’s up to you.
Talk to a Broker to Learn More

If you want to find out more about how CaliforniaChoice can help you offer benefits to your employees, talk with your broker. A broker can help you offer more to employees without spending more. If you don’t already have a broker, we make it easy to search for one here.

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