A Guide for Choosing The Right Defined Contribution Employee Benefits Plan

August 16, 2019by mycalchoice

Unless you’re an insurance industry veteran or a health insurance agent, you might be wondering, What exactly is a defined contribution employee benefit plan?! More than just a mouthful to say, a defined contribution employee benefit plan allows companies to offer employees a full spectrum of insurance coverage that includes health , dental, vision, life, chiropractic and in some cases even more benefit options.

The defined contribution aspect of the plan gives business owners and managers the ability to choose how much they contribute toward the costs of their employees’ coverage. Groups typically like defined contribution because they can choose a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage (like 50%) of the cost for the lowest-priced plan. Plus, the amount they contribute is tax deductible for their business.

In order to help groups select the right defined contribution plan we created a guide ( available for download below) that includes some helpful tips to consider when searching for an employee benefit plan. The guide highlights some key factors to consider when plan shopping, including:

  • How to determine your contribution budget
  • Tips for health plan shopping
  • Choosing your coverage start date
  • Deciding who gets coverage (Employees only or Employees + dependents )
  • Which coverage types you should include
  • Tips on finding and working with a health insurance agent
  • And much more!

Download your copy today!

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