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April 10, 2018

5 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office

Spring Cleaning Things to Remember: 
  • Spring is a great time to clean up your office and workspace.
  • Switching up decor or color scheme is a great way to liven up the office for the warmer months
  • A proposed measure in the California legislation would give the state a greater say in mergers.
  • Clean up digitally as well. Delete old files/ emails and clear unneeded disk space from your computer

Spring Cleaning Tips For Small Business Offices

It’s Spring and that means it’s time to dust off desks or workstations, remove all (or, at least, some) of the clutter, and clean up around the office. (It is not just something to do at home.)

Here's Your Quick Office Checklist

1. Clean up your work area:

Take the opportunity, maybe on a quiet Friday, to file papers and put things you don’t need in storage. Ask yourself “Do I really want to keep this?” Then ask, “When is the next time I am likely to need it?” That can help you decide if you should file it, put it into storage, or throw it out altogether.

Dust and disinfect your workspace, including your telephone. Review what’s stashed in your desk drawers. Can you cut down on your desktop clutter? Maybe some of that stuff should be in your drawer, rather than on your desk. Do you have a lot of office supplies? (Maybe too many pens, Post-It® Notes, or paper clips?) Check your supply closet, too. Consider donating any excess to a local charity or share the surplus with others (in or outside of your department), who may be able to put surplus items to use.

In your effort to purge old files, remember to keep in mind any document-retention guidelines or company policy on shredding documents that could contain sensitive information.

2. Clean up your computer (inside & out):

Use a compressed-air duster to clean your keyboard and computer vents. Use a disinfecting cleaner to wipe down your keyboard and mouse. Clean your monitor or display screen with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth; if needed, a liquid solution of mild soap and water is okay, too.

After cleaning the exterior of your laptop/tablet/desk/tower computer, review what is on your computer. Delete files you don’t need – including those on your desktop. Consider reorganizing your files into folders – perhaps by month and year, project name, or whatever works for you. That will help make your searches for information in the future much easier.

Go through your email. Discard messages you no longer need and sort those you want to retain, putting them into folders. You may be one of those folks who uses a “flag” on email for follow-up, but never go back to “un-flag” items and mark them as complete.

3. Change up your décor:

Keep your workspace fresh by swapping out your photos, color scheme, artwork, or whatever décor you have. To the extent possible (based on power outlets and phone and computer station wiring), move things around to give your area a new look. Doing so can make the area more inviting and comfortable. Wipe down your office chair with a disinfectant or other cleaner. (Even if you have a cleaning crew, they may not be as thorough as you think.)

4. Clean your coffee maker:

For health reasons, it’s good to clean your office coffee and/or tea maker routinely. Even if you have a Keurig® or other brewing system, it is important to wipe it down regularly and discard old supplies like napkins, cups, filters, stirrers, and pods.

5. Don’t forget the department frig – and snack area:

Be sure to empty and clean your department refrigerator as well as the microwave, toaster, or other appliances. Use a disinfecting cleaner. Organize what’s on top of your snack table, throwing out any old sugar, salt, or pepper. Check your stash of paper or plastic cups, plastic knives, forks, or spoons as well as straws and paper plates.

Pro Tip: Consider hiring a cleaning service (or one that is used by your property owner or building management firm) for heavy duty work like carpet cleaning, painting and changing fixtures, another thing to consider is asking about a semi-annual or annual steam cleaning of any carpeted areas at your business (including enclosed offices and conference rooms).

You really can revitalize your work area – and your workers – with a little spring-cleaning.

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