Legal Help Through the CaliforniaChoice Member Marketplace

March 21, 2023by Alex Strautman

At CaliforniaChoice, we’re committed to meeting the diverse health care needs of our members. That’s why our program offers access to the largest selection of health plans in California. But that’s not all the benefits members enjoy.

Through the CaliforniaChoice Member Marketplace, members have the ability to enroll in supplemental products to pay for services that traditional health insurance may not cover. Legal Plans – through MetLife – is among the Member Marketplace offerings.

Access to an Attorney When You Need One

The reality is legal matters occur throughout – getting married, buying a home, caring for aging parents, or dealing with the hassle of identity theft. Having access to a legal plan empowers you to handle these costly issues as they arise.

Legal Plans through MetLife provide CaliforniaChoice members with access to a broad network of 18,000+ experienced attorneys. There are zero copays and deductibles. Members get unlimited use of network attorneys for covered issues when they need it.

Here are instances in life that might require legal help:

  • Getting married: prenuptial agreement, name change, updating or creating estate planning documents
  • Buying, renting, or selling a home: contract and lease review, deed preparation, attending the closing
  • Dealing with identity theft: consult an attorney on potential creditor actions, assistance contacting banks and creditors, and issues related to identity theft
  • Starting a family: creating wills and estate documents, school and administrative hearings, adoption
  • Caring for aging parents: consultations on Medicaid and Medicare questions, review of a nursing home agreement, review of estate planning documents
  • Sending kids off to college: lease and security deposit review or student loan debt agreements

You can count on your Legal Plan attorney to help you with home and real estate, family and personal matters, civil lawsuits, elder care issues, vehicles, and driving-related issues.

MetLife Legal Plans are cost-effective. You can get a whole year of services for less than $1 a day – less than the average attorney’s hourly fee of $391. (Annual Legal Plan memberships start at $288. Average attorney hourly rate is based on years of legal experience; National Law Review and ALM Legal Intelligence; survey of law firm economics, 2021.)

How Legal Plan Works

Getting started is easy. You simply choose an attorney for the MetLife network, go online or call the MetLife Client Service Center number in your membership kit, and call the attorney you select. From there, you can schedule a time to talk or meet. If you choose an out-of-network attorney, you’ll be reimbursed up to the network attorney rate in your plan fee reimbursement schedule.

You can use an attorney as often as needed; you have unlimited access to the network for all legal matters covered under the plan. You also have access to a library of legal documents – including more than 1,700 self-help documents with variations by state. Depending on the plan you select, your spouse and dependent children may be covered, too.

Watch the MetLife Legal Plans video for more about what’s covered.


Learn More About CaliforniaChoice

If you and your employees are not already members of CaliforniaChoice, ask your employee benefits broker for more information about the program and the supplemental product offerings like the Legal Plans. If you don’t already have a broker, you can search for one at here.

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