The Expedia Concept for Employee Benefits – Meet CaliforniaChoice

September 8, 2017by Alex Strautman
Employee-benefits made simple without eliminating the power of choice.

Most of us would agree that simpler is usually better. No one – or very few of us – wants to make life more complicated than necessary. That’s the principle behind “aggregators” when it comes to websites or products that bundle what you may need and offer you a single place to find what you want.

Take Expedia, for example. A lot of us use Expedia and Priceline to search airline flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and even things to do when arriving at our destination city. These sites make your search easier because they do a lot of the work for you and you can get everything you’ll need in one location without having to manage all of your travel arrangements separately.

It’s this concept – choice and simplicity – that you take advantage of in other areas of your life and business that you can also use when putting together an employee health benefits program. It’s called CaliforniaChoice and if you haven’t heard of it or your broker hasn’t mentioned it, you’re missing out.


The CaliforniaChoice Philosophy


We believe every one of your employees is different.

You and your employees are not the same. You have different family make-ups, are probably different ages, and we’re willing to guess you live in different parts of your community. You probably also have different health care needs. What does this amount to? Each of you is uniquely different, and it’s those differences that make the power of choice so important.

With CaliforniaChoice you give yourself AND your employees the power to select the health insurance option that meets your individual needs. Our program offers seven different health insurance carriers and dozens of plan options including HMOs, PPOs, HSAs, and more – in a single program. Employees can each choose what they like best – it doesn’t matter to us and doesn’t affect your business – but it matters to your staff. You simply decide what you can afford to contribute to their health insurance benefits, and employees can use your contribution to select the insurance they like best – paying the difference if they want an option that is more than your contribution – it’s like a gift card for health insurance.


And what’s the alternative?

The alternative to offering multiple health insurance carriers in one program is that you’d have to find a single health insurance carrier that everyone likes, but why would you and how could you? One size no longer fits all. Why not offer your employees more options without increasing your costs? That way, each of them can find the coverage that’s right for their individual or family health care needs.


We believe your health insurance bill shouldn’t be surprising.

When it’s time to pay any bill, seeing a number that is different than you expected is the last thing you want to deal with. You have to start crunching numbers, look to see if something changed when you weren’t looking, or, of course, figure out if there’s a mistake that you have to get fixed. Who has time for that? When you offer benefits through CaliforniaChoice, your broker will work with you to set an amount you feel comfortable contributing to your employees’ benefits each month. There are no surprises because the amount you agree upon together is locked in and won’t change for 12 months.


We believe managing your employees’ benefits should NOT be complicated.

If you select CaliforniaChoice for your employees’ benefits, regardless of what your employees select, whether all seven insurance carriers are selected or just three, you get one monthly invoice with everything consolidated and every employee listed with his or her selection. That’s the beauty of CaliforniaChoice. We understand that managing employee benefits can be complicated, so we try and reduce the burden where we can.


Medical, Dental, Vision, and More Available

Similar to having the option to add a flight, hotel, and car to your shopping cart, you have the option to add to your employee benefits program without having to leave the CaliforniaChoice program.

Here are the different types of insurance you can offer:

  • Medical (required if you offer CaliforniaChoice to your employees)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Chiropractic
  • Life

We also offer no-cost extras to you and your employees just for being customers of CaliforniaChoice. It’s our way of showing you we appreciate your business. This value-added benefits include:

  • Online HR support from HRAnswerLink
  • Access to a discounts program for your employees (movies, theme parks, hotels, and more)
  • Flexible Spending Account administration (so employees can set aside a portion of their salary on a pre-tax basis for eligible medical expenses)
  • No-cost COBRA administration for businesses with 20+ employees
  • And much more


Take the Next Step

If you want to learn more, do what you would with Expedia – check out your options. All it takes is a call or email to your broker. He or she will ask for an employee census that includes the names and birth dates for each person to be included in your plan quote. (Premiums are based on actual age, so the more information you can give your broker, the more accurate your quote.)


If you don’t have a current broker, we can help you find a CaliforniaChoice broker.

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