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Premier Care + Savings for Your Santa Clara Business and Employees" subheadline="<span class="btArticleDate">July 21, 2017</span><span class="btArticleAuthor"><a href="" class="btArticleAuthorURL">by mycalchoice</a></span>" font="" font_weight="" font_size="" color_scheme="" color="" align="" url="" target="_self" html_tag="h1" size="large" dash="" el_id="" el_class="" el_style="" supertitle_position="outside" ignore_fe_editor="true"]

An Anthem Blue Cross Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Medical Plan offers you and your employees access to some of the region’s foremost medical groups and facilities: Palo Alto Medical Group, Physicians Medical, Stanford Health Care, Good Samaritan, O’Conner Hospital, Sutter Health, and others. You’ll appreciate the fact that there’s an Anthem Blue Cross EPO facility close by whenever you need health care.


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Shopping for group health insurance?

This guide compiles a list of common questions you may have before you start offering health insurance coverage.