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July 20, 2022

The Value of Health Insurance Offering Dental and Vision

Job candidates in today’s competitive talent marketplace are looking for more. You know that from reporting on the “great resignation” during the past year. According to a MetLife survey, employees consider health insurance a “must have” benefit. They rank Dental and Vision in their top five priorities, too. Dental is a must-have or nice-to-have by 96% of employees, while Vision is viewed similarly by 94%.

That is a challenge for employers. You want to offer comprehensive benefits, but you also want to control costs for your business. CaliforniaChoice can help.

CaliforniaChoice – the multi-carrier, employee-choice private health exchange – began in 1996. It is uniquely qualified to meet and exceed your employee benefits needs. It offers you and your employees more choices than other single program in the state.

Health Insurance Plans, Dental, and Vision Benefits

CaliforniaChoice delivers everything you and your employees want in a benefits program, including:

  • Eight health plans and dozens of HMO, PPO, EPO, and HSA-qualified coverage options
  • Greater access to doctors, specialists, and hospitals
  • Increased cost control – you choose what amount to contribute to employees’ coverage
  • Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, and Life benefits
  • Valued-added extras through the Business Solutions Suite and Member Value Suite

Diverse Health Choices: Choose the health insurance coverage that bests meets your individual or family health care needs. You might prefer a PPO from Anthem Blue Cross because you have access to a particular doctor or hospital in the Anthem network. One employee might prefer a local or regional HMO. You can select Sutter Health Plus, Western Health Advantage, or Sharp Health Plan. Another employee might want an HSA-compatible plan from UnitedHealthcare. A fourth might want a centralized health care system like Kaiser Permanente. With CaliforniaChoice, you and they each can have what they want. Or, you can choose options from Cigna + Oscar or Health Net.

Greater Provider Access: We offer full and limited networks, plus access to options in all four Affordable Care Act metal tiers. With multiple tiers, you can offer your employees the maximum number of health care providers.

Defined Contribution: Controlling costs is easy with CaliforniaChoice. Choose a Fixed Percentage (50% to 100% of a specific plan and/or benefits, or contribute a Fixed Dollar Amount for each employee. If an employee selects coverage that costs more than you’re contributing, the employee simply pays the difference. At renewal, you can even adjust your contribution, up or down, giving you complete control over what you’re spending on employee benefits.

Dental, Vision, and More: CaliforniaChoice offers you three great ways to offer Dental to your employees. The Dentegra® Smile Club is included at no added cost through our Member Value Suite. It features reduced fees for dental care services through a network of more than 20,000 providers.

There are Dental HMO options from SmileSaver and PPO options from Ameritas available, too. These are available as employer-sponsored or voluntary. Plus, there’s no minimum participation for voluntary plans.

Ameritas plans include Dental Rewards® if employees use only part of their annual maximum benefit during a plan year. Members can earn additional money toward their next year’s plan maximum. The Carry Over Amount on three plans is $250. The PPO Bonus is up to $150. Other Extras from Ameritas include LASIK and Hearing Care coverage.

Three Vision options are available, including one at no additional cost. The Vision One Eyecare Discount Program offers CaliforniaChoice members discounts on frames, lenses, and eye exams. You can visit America’s Best, EyeMart Express, Target Optical, LensCrafters, and participating Pearle Vision locations.

Two voluntary Vision programs are available – one through EyeMed (Ameritas) and a second through VSP. Both offer eye exams, discounts on frames and lenses, and contacts. You have access to a large network of doctors.

You and your employees can also take advantage of Chiropractic Care. Or, Chiro and Acupuncture. The monthly premium is low and there are affordable member copays.

It’s Easy to Learn More

With CaliforniaChoice, you can get more without spending more. Talk with your employee benefits broker about a custom quote for your business. If you don’t already have a broker, you can search for one on the MyCalChoice website.

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