The Best Way To Offer Small Business Health Insurance in California

Anthem Blue Cross Health Net Kaiser Permanente Oscar Sharp Health Plan Sutter Health Plus UnitedHealthCare Western Health Advantage

Let your employees choose the health care they want

At CaliforniaChoice, we look at employee benefits differently. First, we work with you to set a budget and lock it in for 12 months. Then you get to offer up to eight different insurance carriers to your employees. Best part, they each get to pick the plan they want. No one size fits all approach here! Finally, we bundle all of your benefits into one, easy-to-manage program.

Set your budget

Employees choose the benefits they want

Rates are locked for 12 months

Choose Health Plans From 8 Carriers

With CaliforniaChoice you can offer your employees the ability to compare health insurance plans from nine carriers while you control your out of pocket cost with defined contribution. Click on one of our carriers below to see more details.

Anthem Blue Cross Health Net Kaiser Permanente Oscar Sharp Health Plan Sutter Health Plus UnitedHealthCare Western Health Advantage

Your Local Insurance Options

Where you live determines the health insurance carriers available to you and your business. To see which insurance carriers and hospitals are available in your neighborhood, click the map below.

Brokers in Your Area

If you’re ready to get a free quote, select any of our CaliforniaChoice broker experts who are standing by.

Matt Kuznetsky

Chatsworth, CA

Debra Chargois-Butler

Los Angeles, CA

Bill Saraf

Santa Monica, CA

Mike Haffar

West Covina, CA

Angel  Modestov

Newport Beach, CA

Julie Mangrello

Fountain Valley, CA

Jim McNamara

Laguna Niguel, CA

Lucas Bonzer

Lake Forest, CA

Vince Nocito

Carmichael, CA

Don Rizzo

Livermore, CA

Josh Hupp

Concord, CA

Paul Dillon

Gold River, CA

Amir Lozani

San Diego, CA

Mike Fusco

San Diego, CA

Tom Breitfeller

Cathedral City, CA

Joshua Prince

Chino, CA

Jami McNees

Menifee, CA

Robert Hilgerman

Ventura, CA

Sara Mattson

Capitola, CA

Matthew Madzoeff

Paso Robles, CA

Derrick Simpson

Fresno, CA

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A California Different Way to Do Health Care

Each and every one of us is different and, at CaliforniaChoice, we embrace those differences. We offer the freedom to choose from multiple carriers, plan designs, networks, doctors…the list goes on. But at the end of the day, employees make their own choices. Now that’s freedom.

What’s Defined Contribution? A Good Way to Fund Employee Benefits

As an employer, you probably want to offer health insurance benefits to your employees. However, you may be concerned about how much it might cost. After all, you have just so much money in your budget that you can allocate to employee benefits. So, what is the answer? Defined Contribution.

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