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November 18, 2020

CaliforniaChoice Plan Comparison: Anthem Blue Cross and Sutter Health Plus

You and your employees know that having choices is important. We do, too – “choice” is part of our name. CaliforniaChoice gives you the freedom to choose from eight different health plans in a single employee benefits program.

However, having choices is not enough if you don’t understand how each of the health plans we offer differ from one another. You need to understand the advantages offered by each. Our ongoing series of plan comparisons breaks it down for you.

The comparison below looks at Anthem Blue Cross and Sutter Health Plus, two of the statewide health plans available through CaliforniaChoice.

Anthem Blue Cross

Among the top insurers in the state, Anthem Blue Cross delivers health insurance coverage to millions of Californians. The insurer offers health improvement programs, simplified administration, and flexible, innovative benefits. 

Anthem Benefits Overview

  • Contracted with more than 90% of hospitals in California, including 400 acute care hospitals
  • One of the largest PPO networks in the country with access to thousands of doctors and specialists and more than 60,800 doctors and specialists in California
  • Strong network contracting with an average 60% hospital discount and 48% average provider discount
  • Online cost and care finder tools and via the Anthem mobile app; it’s easy to compare costs for common services and procedures; you can also check the quality of health care providers through member reviews and ratings
  • PayForward gives you an opportunity to earn cash back shopping at thousands of retailers; a Special Offers program includes discounts on health products and services
  • Wellness programs and tools to help keep you active and fit

Sutter Health Plus

A not-for-profit health plan, Sutter Health Plus serves the Greater Central Valley, Sacramento, and San Francisco Bay Area areas of Northern California, offering competitively priced HMO health plans. With Sutter Health Plus, you have access to a high-quality provider network that includes many of Sutter Health’s nationally respected and recognized hospitals, doctors, and other health care services – all at an affordable price.

Sutter Health Plus Benefits Overview

  • Competitively priced coverage offering members access to a broad network of providers
  • Convenient locations for primary care, specialty care, X-ray and diagnostic imaging, hospital services, lab, and more
  • Welcome calls to help members better understand benefits and coverage – and assist in facilitating initial appointments
  • Coverage anywhere in the world for emergency and urgent care
  • Access to a mail-order pharmacy program and conveniently located retail pharmacies
  • My Health Online (not offered by all providers) to schedule appointments, email doctors, view test results, and access medical records
  • A 24/7 nurse advice triage line

The CaliforniaChoice Advantage

You can offer your employees coverage from eight health plans through CaliforniaChoice – so it’s easy to find one that best meets their unique health care needs. For example, one employee might select Anthem Blue Cross because it includes a preferred doctor, while another employee might choose Sutter Health Plus because of its premier regional provider network. With CaiforniaChoice, they both get what they prefer, while other employees have access to six additional regional and statewide health plan options.

CaliforniaChoice offers other advantages, too. Like one monthly bill for all employees’ coverage, a Member Value Suite with discounts on gym memberships and fitness gear, a Business Solutions Suite that includes a no-cost Premium Only Plan, and a single email and toll-free phone number for customer care.

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For additional information about CaliforniaChoice and its Member Value Suite and Business Solutions Suite, talk with your employee benefits agent or health insurance broker. If you don’t already have one, we can help you find one here.

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